I've been listening to a lot of metal lately. Ever since I went to see Ill Niño on April 23rd here in Zaragoza, it kind of got me back into the groove. Not that I need a lot of pushing and shoving to listen to metal. But when it comes to listening to new stuff, new bands, than I can be a bit slow. Recently, at a bar, a colleague of mine recommended Mastodon's Emperor of Sand, their latest. I'd heard of it but had not listened to it. It took me a couple of listens but I really got into it. And it's been nonstop from there. I'd heard the first single a few months back and also "discovered" a cool tune by a band that had been out on the road with Mastodon, this while setting up the twitter account for one of my projects, Jungle Law Syndrome. The tune is Lonely Lyle and the band is called Big Business.

 So back to Emperor of Sand. That album is full of epic sounds. Huge riffs, triumphant choruses. My fave tune at first was Clandestiny, but then I got really…

Machine Gun Camera

Machine Gun Camera is a tune I wrote and recorded in a small town in the Pyrenees called Fiscal in Huesca.It was released in January and it's currently online on all digital platforms like Spotify, etc.
Check it out and thanks for listening!

American Reich - Jungle Law Syndrome OUT TODAY!

Jungle Law Syndrome is a solo project I'm working on. The first album will be AMERICAN REICH VOL I : RISE. The title track is out today on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc.
American Reich started out as a novel I was working on in 2013/14/15 .  I did a lot of research, wrote a couple of chapters but couldn't find a convincing, plausible way to tell the fictional story I wanted to tell about America's hard-right shift. Who knew that all it would take was Trump. I certainly didn't think DJT would inspire the right as much as he did. One of the times he thought about throwing his hat in, in the late 90's, I was all for it. In 2015 I saw him as a less articulate Pat Buchanan, who I liked to watch and read sometimes. Once I gave up on the idea of a novel I thought well maybe I can make an album or a few albums out of this. Once the election was over and all sorts of things started to happen, be said, people crawling out of the woodworks etc, I thought it'd be g…

Machine Gun Camera

Machine Gun Camera is a tune I wrote a couple of years ago while in Fiscal, Huesca up in the Pyrenees, writing and recording tunes. It took me a while to get somewhere with the arrangement. Not exactly where I wanted it to be but I like the result. Enjoy!

Phil Lynott - Old Town

Thin Lizzy, led by the late Phil Lynott, was one of those groups I knew about because of "The Boys Are Back in Town" and of course later because of Metallica's cover of "Whiskey in the Jar" but I had never dived into their discography (13 albums! Not including a whole bunch of bootlegs etc) or Phil's solo work. A few months ago I don't know how I stumbled across the song the video for "Old Town". I think I was trying to learn how to play "The Boys are Back in Town" via youtube and it was a suggestion. At first I thought WTF, this thing has a whole bunch of keyboards. What is this? But it grew on me by the 2nd or 3rd listen.  I was on a bus to the Pyrenees streaming it on my phone cause I couldn't get it out of my head. I sat down and learned its chord structure and melody.

From there I was hooked, started to listen to Thin Lizzy more and more. "Still in Love with You", "Cowboy Song", Phil with Gary Moore, tha…

Machine Gun Camera

So, Summer's almost over and it's time to get back on track with all pending projects.
First on the burner is Machine Gun Camera,  my upcoming single. It's a track I wrote way back in the fall of 2014 and have demoed a couple of times. I've played it live a couple of times but have yet to finish the definitive recording still working on production and arrangements. The track is a bit of a departure from what I usually write or play.
Hoping to have it out early October.

(ON SONGS) Ricky Martin - Vuelve

Bass slides, odd time changes, verses cut short, tight and amazing background vocals, Ricky Martin's Vuelve, written by Franco de Vita, produced by KC Porter and Robi Rosa, is a track full of ear candy.

Anyone who knows me personally is aware of how much of a music fan I am and how fond I am of great songs and great arrangements. I start this post stating that because if you just know me from my hard rock work it might be surprising to see me writing a post about a spanish ballad by Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin.
VUELVE, the title track from RM's 4th album was written by Venezuelan pop star singer/songwriter Franco de Vita who is known for infectious hits such as Louis, Te Amo, Solo importas tu, Un buen perdedor etc. I can only imagine what his original song must have sounded like. Well here's Franco doing a bit of the song live so we don't have to imagine much. The phrasing is different, the feel and flow....

 In the hands of Robi Rosa ( like Ricky, a former mem…