Leo Susana - Perro Muerto en la calle (19/365)

19/365 "Perro Muerto en la Calle" is a tune I wrote in the mid 90's and have been playing live with most of my bands ever since but have never actually put on an album. When I first heard “Reina Mia” by Juan Luis Guerra I really loved the guitar style. On the albums that followed (Bachata Rosa, Areito and Fogarate) it was inspirational, although on some songs it seemed to be buried in the mix.
Anyway, these albums got me learning new stuff and exploring African guitar. I was especially intrigued by Diblo Dibala, the guitar player who played on some of the tracks and whose “Kimia Eve” Juan Luis turned into one of his biggest hits, El Costo de la Vida. I bought one of Diblo’s albums and tried to decipher what the heck he was doing. I din’t get close, but that led to the type of playing I do on this tracks, arpeggiating triads over the fingerboard rhythmically.

The song title literally means “Dead Dog on the Street” and I actually wrote part of it while driving eastw…

Machine Gun Camera (18/365)

"Don't stop the motion, it's my machine gun camera" 
 18/365 - Good Morning. "Machine Gun Camera" is a song I released digitally in Jan 2017. I wrote it and recorded it (for the most part) in Fiscal, a town up in the pyrenees where I spent a few months in fall/winter 2014/15 composing and writing.

Thanks for listening. Tune in tomorrow for another song.

here's the original recording

Yo Tambien soy un corrupto (17/365)

17/365 "Yo tambien soy un corrupto" is a song I wrote around 2009 as part of a song cycle about corruption in general and in politics. After a couple of trips to the DR I was disappointed that a lot of things never seemed to change or changed for the worse. But this song in particular is more about personal responsibility in allowing corruption to thrive and how maybe as individuals we contribute with our own little acts of corruption.

 I still remember how disgusted I felt with myself the first time I bribed a traffic cop in Santo Domingo (not exactly a bribe if you're shaken down for it). But eventually it became so automatic, to avoid hassles etc, that I became aware that I'd lost something along the way... anyway, that's part of what this song is about. Guitar through Boss Eq GE-7, Chorus CE-5 and Flanger BF-3 straight to the Mackie Onyx 820i and Vox through SM7b. Reverb from Boss RV-2 stompbox. Thanks for watching/listening.

 17/365 Yo tambien soy un corru…

En la soledad (16/365)

16/365 Howdy all, today It's electric! I'm playing "En la Soledad" a tune on my Serpiente en el Huerto album. Wrote it in 1998 and have been performing it live solo acoustic and in a band setting since. Tried it out a few times, this is actually the 3rd take (forgot to press phantom power on 2nd take on condenser so no vocals, just some guy making faces)

 I'm using a Les Paul through a Cry Baby Wah, Boss DynaDrive, Chorus and DD7 delay to Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 amp mic'ed up with the Shure SM7b. Vox is through the MXL 990 Condenser. Couldn't use any reverb on this one cause I need another adaptor. (I use the one on the pedal board and when using both sit real close to the Mackie.) Anyway, thanks for tuning in. Even though I'm a bit rusty on the electric, went a bit overboard improvising.
See you tomorrow.

Leo Susana - You Know I Lost My Woman (Blues in Eb) 15/365

15/365 "You Know I Lost My Woman" is a blues tune I wrote about 9 or 10 years ago after sitting down to learn some Buddy Guy licks and riffs. I usually open my acoustic concerts with it. Enjoy!

Hace Tiempo (Coque Malla cover) 14/365

14/365 Good day! Today I bring you "Hace Tiempo" a beautiful ranchera by Spanish singer/songwriter Coque Malla which first appeared as sort of a Country Waltz on his album 2009 La Hora de los Gigantes. I started playing it 3 or 4 years ago after watching Mujeres de Coque Malla where he does duets on 10 of his songs with different women. Wound up learning 2 more tunes from that set "Berlin", "Dejate Llevar" and I've been playing his biggest hit "No puedo vivir sin ti" for a while now. I usually play "Hace Tiempo" in A but decided to try it in B for this video and I kinda liked the result although listening closely I can hear that my voice wanted to go back to the other key. It felt fresh to try it in another key as I recorded.
Thanks for watching/listening.

14/365 Coque Malla - Hace Tiempo ( 2009 - La hora de los gigantes)

Here's the duet with Vilma

Perla Negra (Yordano cover) 13/365

13/365 Good day! Today I bring you “Perla Negra” a song originally written and performed by Italian-Venezuelan singer/songwriter Yordano on his 1986 album Jugando Conmigo. ( This song was also popularised by merengue artist Sergio Vargas). It’s a melancholic tale about the oldest profession with lines like “The bed still warm, who knows how many there are” “I know there were no flowers or goodbye kisses, just a black pearl that slid down her cheek and ended up on the pillow”.

For today’s recording I raised the mic and inverted it, and played standing. I’m also using a metal thumb pick. Thanks for listening and watching. Tune in tomorrow for more music.

 13/365 Yordano - Perla Negra

Here's the original.

Sergio Vargas merengue version on Dominican tv.