Hotel California - New Upcoming Release

Coming February 2, 2024, my acoustic version of this Eagles classic. I've been playing this song forever. I began doing a kind of spoken word version, which I called my storyteller version, many years ago while playing it in the original key of Bm because it's a bit high for me to sing it (I sometimes do a sing through version in Em). I'd never actually recorded it except for my youtube videos and that one was taken down a (actually got a copyright strike from it) Now that I'm on Distrokid and they make releasing covers easy, I decided to do a relaxed "in the living room" version, as if I were playing it live with very little overdubbing and no overt production. Let's call it Lo-Fi. I hope to put out a full band version some time in the future.

So in this new year, 2024, I'll be releasing a lot of new music, mostly originals, but also my unique takes on covers that I play live, both in English and Spanish. If you've seen me perform and would like me to record a favorite, suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks for listening!

Nuevo Sencillo Proximamente

Este 2 de febrero estará disponible mi versión acústica del clásico de The Eagles, Hotel California. Es un tema que llevo años interpretando en una versión medio hablada, medio cantada. La grabé una vez para mi canal de YouTube, pero ese video lo eliminaron y me dieron un strike por derechos de autor. Así que ya no está disponible. Como he cambiado de distribuidor, ahora mi música sale vía Distrokid, y ellos facilitan las licencias que cubren las versiones, he decidido sacar algunas de las que más me gustan y que interpreto a mi manera. Se aceptan sugerencias de temas que me hayas visto tocar. ¡Gracias por escuchar!


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