An Aha moment searching for a Greek song

Just had an "aha" moment... a "Finally! Found it!" While visiting my uncle Jose Ivan Medina and his wife in Providence, RI in the mid-80's they took me to a place where there was a Greek band playing. I bought that band's tape which was just a cassette without song titles. Had it for years. Anyway, there's this song that always pops up in my head from that tape but I didn't know what it was called. Been listening to traditional Greek music randomly on Spotify since yesterday and it finally popped up. Not the arrangement I knew but it's the song I remembered as Hari Hari (searched for that yesterday and got a bunch of stuff from another part of the world ). It's actually "Dari Dari". It's a beautiful. Here's a chill version from a duo playing it in London. 

An a few other versions with Bouzoukis, rhythm section etc including the one that played on Spotify for the "Aha" moment.


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