The Stranger - Albert Camus

I finally got around to reading this short novel. I'd say I devoured it. Started reading it yesterday afternoon and picked up again this morning. I woke up early, 6:20am Was about to go online to do the NYtimes Crossword when I decided to finish reading the novel instead. I have a habit sometimes of starting a book and setting it aside and then forgetting to pick it up again.
The Stranger has always been one of those books you read about. Since my High School days it was mentioned in this or that publication or article. I think my interest for it was piqued when I found out that The Cure's song "Killing an Arab" is based on it. That was a long time ago.
I found the book a few months ago at Re-Read, a second hand book shop here in Zaragoza.
I liked the book. Parts of it had me thinking about the confinement we are living today.
It was amazing how little things that may have seemed insignificant at the moment were later brought back to damn the main character's, well, character.
Now, I don't know if it's because of the age we live in where we can watch a show like Breaking Bad and empathize with Walter White who in the end is basically a psychopathic criminal, but in a way I found my self "rooting" for the main character. Maybe that's not the word. Since he's the one telling the story, Meaursault didn't seem ... evil.
I would love to learn enough French to read this in it's original.  This edition is an American translation.


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