Response to NYtimes articles

I live in Spain, in Zaragoza. In general people thought this was like the flu or a common cold for a while. Some people were worried, but as an example, I got weird looks for refusing to give 2 kisses or shake hands just a few days before the lockdown when all the info about hand washing etc was already circulating and social distancing was already a recommendation. As I kept reading what was going on in Italy in late Feb, early March, I couldn't believe that flights were still coming in to Zaragoza from Bergamo. Little things like that. Football matches still being held, bars full to the brim... I'd say most people weren't really worried until it was too late. There have been many missteps. I'm hopeful that soon things will be under control. But the damage is done. And when this passes I fear the political divide in this country will grow deeper as the blame game heats up. The left going after the right for gutting health care budgets in the previous government, and the right blaming the left for their flat-footedness, etc...


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