What the press doesn't see

Once again, the press, msm or whatever you want to call it fails to see what's right it front of them. In 2016 everybody who thought themselves an expert,  was saying Trump couldn't win. I voted for HRC but remember watching snippets of Trump rallies and thinking "Damn, that message resonates too much with me. Hmm"
NYtimes meter  - Donald Trump has the same chance as a kicker making a 60yd field goal and all I could think was "yeah, that sometimes happens."
Trump at his last rally saying "Here I am, all by myself" while HRC was celebrating wit Jay-Z, Beyonce etc in Philly. It just felt so wrong.
When HRC brought up Alicia Machado at the debates, it rubbed me wrong. When the campaign kept on about the Gold Star family, and this and that I also felt they were hitting the wrong notes. There were merits behind those arguments but a lot of it was straight pandering for minority votes while forgetting about those white ex middle class voters that eventually tipped the scale for Trump. A lot of Obama voters who said enough is enough. Maybe this guy is the solution cause HRC can't even be bothered to visit my state, or address my problems (Although we can't really know if she did because CNN etc just hammered her with emails and would cut away from her rallies but give the Trump show unlimited air time)

Come election day, Chris Cuomo interviews DJTj on CNN and asks him about Trump tv, and about the landslide in favor of the Dems about to happen. It seemed smug.  "Slap!" - America.


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