Yebra de Basa

Last night I played a gig in Yebra de Basa with my friend Jose Carlos Ondiviela. In the end we did about 3 hours in 3 sets. After the gig, we hung around a bit, around 3:30am and enjoyed the locals singing traditional songs, jotas and such. It was fun. One of the things I truly enjoy about playing in these towns is learning a bit about their history, their food etc.

Food is also very important. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the organizers. Here's just a few of the things that were served and that some at the table ate.

The festivities were because of St. Fabian ( no idea who he is, but here in Spain saints are celebrated all over the place.) For the occasion a huge bonfire was lit and sausages were cooked outside. Unfortunately it was short lived because it began to rain.

We slept in Yebra and I had some weird dreams about teaching English tinged with a bit of high tech Science Fiction. I was gonna write it down when I woke but thought I would remember. Well, it turns out that I don't. Oh, well!


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