WARRIOR Fighting for The Earth (Full Album)

It's amazing how memory works. I hadn't listened to this in I don't know how many years. I remember I took a tape of this album with me to Santo Domingo either in 86 or 87 and my cousin throwing it out of the car (A VW Beetle) we were riding in. What's incredible is that I don't believe I heard anything from the album after that. But I must have listened to that album a lot because now, over 30 years later, the songs for the most part ring a bell, and some even seem really familiar, as if I stopped listening to it last year. In particular, a song titled "Cold Fire" with beautiful guitar leads and intro. Yeah, sounds really familiar.  And the song "Defenders of Creation".

As I've written before, I find myself revisiting a lot of the music from my formative years, in all genres. It's incredible the feelings and sensations stirred by it.


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