The Blacklist

I started watching the Blacklist on Netflix a few weeks ago out of curiosity. I usually watch this type of stuff while practicing guitar scales etc so they fly by. Now, the show I found that it relied too much on Deux Ex Machina events. But here I am, Season 6 became available today and I began to watch.  The very reason I hadn't watched before, James Spader, is the reason I am watching now. Before to me Spader was just some guy I had seen in some John Hughes film. But I really enjoy this character he's playing, Raymond Reddington.

The show does suffer from weak writing imo, and certain suspension of disbelief is required for a lot of it. Also, if you've ever been to or lived in DC you know the show is not filmed there. It's filmed in NY and a lot of times it's not convincing that they are somewhere else. Since I'm from NYC and have lived in DC, I see the difference. Still, it's a fun, quirky show like the old days, those 70's shows, where it was about a bad guy but all the time keeping a story line going.

I'll get back to writing about the show in another post with more details (and maybe spoilers ?? hehe for the uninitiated.)


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