Rubik's Cube

I got a Rubik's Cube for Xmas. Since the kids were getting presents I picked something for myself that they could find under the tree too. "Look at what Santa brought you! Open it!"
I'd had a cube a few years ago but this one still had stickers and my eldest son who's 8 now proceeded to take the stickers off sometime between when he was 1 and 3. I hadn't gotten one since.
I learned how to solve the cube that time with a youtube video which I haven't been able to find but I found others now. I'm using the one on the Rubik's channel. I still need to memorize the algorithms.
It is an interesting exercise in memory, and even muscle memory. I'm trying to do it at least twice a day.
That first time around I got my solve time to under 2 minutes. I'm far from that right now. Man, but can that cube still hook you! 



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