RIP Neil Peart

I got into Rush when I was a kid and just started High School. Thanks to MTV mostly which used to play those live videos way back in the beginning. Then this song started playing on the radio. I had a couple of friends who played guitar or drums and were really into the band. I was just starting to play guitar. Then, when I went to Santo Domingo, my cousin, a drummer,  used to drive us around while listening to All The World's a Stage.  We were all really into Neil Peart and his drumming.
But I was also into Neil's lyrics. My English teacher in my junior year at JFK high school used to talk to us about his lyrics. 
It's sad to know that this fine musician after all the loss and tribulations he went through, succumbed to cancer at 67. I'm sure he still had a lot to offer the world. RIP Neil Peart. Thanks for all the music you gave the world.


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