On World Affairs, Friendship, Gigs

So much going on. I read a lot of news but I've been wondering if I should write about that here or keep it musical. I'll give it some thought.

Last night I played 2 different gigs in opposite parts of  Zaragoza. The first one, for a 50th Birthday party. I had to use a mic on my guitar cause the sound desk was too far from the stage for my cable. It went well nevertheless. I played about an hour and a half. Second gig I started at 11 and played non-stop until about 1. Set list was pretty similar for both. The second gig was for a 60th Birthday Party. It got me thinking about life and friends, etc. The family who was having the party all got on the mic with friends and the rest of the room sang this song about friendship. It was a pretty cool moment.


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