Movies, Oscars, Grammys etc

It's been a while since I've sat through any award show. I use to be a big fan of the Oscars, American Music Awards, VMA's, etc and I don't really remember when I decided that it was a shit show. Now, I just look up performances on youtube that I may like, or a monologue like Ricky Gervais' hosting the Golden Globes, but the actual awards, don't care for them. Like I don't care for the Super Bowl anymore or the NFL in general. I don't care for UEFA's Champions League after being practically a football junkie who would sit through ton of matches every week in a pub or at home.
So what happened? I don't know. As an example, I have no problem sitting through the Impeachment Hearings or early this year through the Spanish Prime Minister investiture.
I take it that I'm more interested in current events, no sport related activities. That could be it.

I sometimes wonder why we glorify actors and musicians, in general. Of course there are exceptions, a Paco de Lucia for example, a Leonard Bernstein, a Bob Dylan maybe or the Beatles. But I sometimes think "wouldn't it be something if we glorified other people the way we do artists". Imagine, plumber of the year awards, or the best carpenter. Of course, I'm sure all those professions have their trade papers and acknowledgments, and don't get me started on Doctors who should be on the front lines, discovering importante medicinal breakthroughs, at least getting 1% of what a Cristiano Ronaldo makes. Everything is skewed.


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