Morning voice and guitar straps

Last night I played a gig at a local bar. It's the first time in a long time that I changed the height at which I use my guitar. I shortened the strap so the guitar would be closer or practically on my chest. It turns out that's not comfortable for me, it's ok for practicing at home where I switch from sitting to standing constantly and that keeps my guitar basically in the same place but for a live situation not having that extra space for my arms downward motion really hampers my playing and at times things that at home had come out kind of smoothly, were a bit sloppy. Also, and this is weird, but the fact that I had new strings on the guitar which I put on a week ago caught my fingers sometimes on some spots on the neck, but that hadn't really happened at home. So, does that mean that they still have to be played in? Hmmm
Last night I tried more than a few songs that i'd never played in a live setting. So far so good getting new tunes into my set. Now I need to learn a few really good instrumentals, maybe a rag or something groovy in that vein. My set list included for the first time acoustic renditions of Van Halen's "Jump" and "Love Gun" by Kiss.

I got up a little while ago, put some coffee on the stove top and grabbed my guitar and started singing Springsteen's "Brilliant Disguise" and octave lower with my morning voice. It got me to thinking that that would be a cool experiment, to record songs, maybe some covers for youtube in my morning voice, as a challenge and just to see how low things are in the morning, the texture, and how difficult it is to sing it that way later in the day.

Good morning!

Set up last night at local bar Moliner 7


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