Back in Spain

Got up at around 5:15 in Amsterdam. Was at Schiphol Airport by 6:30 and at my gate by a quarter to 7. Finally boarded at 7:15 but we sat there until 8:28. Flight was scheduled for 7:40 but first they were waiting for passenger who were making a connection, from China if I'm not mistaken. Then, there was a problem with the toilet. We landed in Madrid at 10:45. I was able to get to Atocha Train Station an hour later. My train left at 12:30. Overall it's been a smooth trip back. I definitely prefer the AVE train than a bus.
Now at 5:30pm I'm headed up to the Pyrenees for a gig at 11:30pm with my friend Jose Carlos Ondiviela. We'll be playing in Yebra de Basa pretty much the same set we played New Year's Eve.

Here are some pics from my travels.


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