Airports, Amsterdam

Flying  into and out of airports is sometimes stressful. But yesterday as I waited in Madrid's Barajas airport to board my flight to Amsterdam I walked around and I wondered if people thought how about fate Destiny Life, and how getting on a plane could be the last thing they did. because as I walked around I couldn't stop thinking about that missile that struck that plane flying out of Tehran. it made me wonder about the superficiality of what we are at an airport, walking around steered like sheep through duty free Zones so we can purchase things. we are basically trapped there.

I really like Amsterdam. it's a beautiful city. I've been here a few times since 2006 and I still love walking around it's City center, looking at the boats, the facades, and just breathing it air. I really love that there are many English bookshops and that you can basically get by speaking English here. I love walking by the canals especially at night with the lights from the buildings reflecting on the water. it's a city that invites you to write, to think, to feel. of all the places I've been to especially in Europe Amsterdam is the one aside from Berlin that I would really love to live in.


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