about process

I'm a musician first and foremost. Yet, my fascination with stand-up amazes me. Even more than that, I'm fascinated by process. The process of writing a joke, a song, creating a painting, directing a film, writing a book. I love to listen to people or read about their process, their inspiration.
Comedians have a certain work ethic, and process of getting up on stage and honing their act. Sometimes not getting a laugh on a promising bit, so they keep honing it.
I love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the Jerry Seinfeld series where he's chatting away with comics in a car or coffee shop. They usually end up talking about how they come up with material. Joe Rogan talks a lot about that too on his podcast which since I first had it pop up on my youtube feed in 2018 has been a staple of my online viewing. He's had people on there talking about everything in the music business; James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, Paul Stanley amongst others. His conversations with comedians like Bill Burr are epic. There's a guy that I like to listen to. He's nuts, in a good way.
Songwriters talking about how they come up with a song is also fascinating and more in tune with what I do. It's tough to write a song but it's true that it sometimes comes easy. The truth is that one of the most important things you can do when writing or creating anything is getting out of your own way. Don't overthink it. Don't judge it. Let if flow. Then work it.


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