Leo Susana - In My Life (Beatles cover) 78/365

"There are places I'll remember all my life, though some have changed..."
78/365 "In My Life" is quite possibly my favorite Beatles tune (if it's possible to have just one, hmmm) although sometimes I think it's "Something" or "We Can Work It Out" or "Happiness is a Warm Gun" aaaaggghhh... most def in my top ten. What's your favorite Beatles tune?
SO, after recording on various devices and with my guitar tuned down a whole step, decided to one off it straight to Photobooth on another guitar in standard tuning. Didn't quite get what I wanted but I can live with it
I'm gonna upload another version on my http://facebook.com/leosusanamusic page with the guitar in D for contrast (or check the clip from Instagram on my feed which has 2 30sec clips of other recordings). Thanks for listening. Here's another version I recorded today, this one in G (guitar tuned down a whole step) Actually done in my bathroom to get some of that nice reverb.


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