Leo Susana - Blackbird (Beatles cover) 83/365


I’ve played Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” (on The Beatles White Album) for many years as a fingerpicking exercise, freely, not thinking much about the structure and using 3 fingers on my picking hand. Yesterday was watching videos of Paul playing it and seeing that he gets that groove going using just 2 fingers, so sat down to try to get that strum/picking he does with his index finger watching a couple of lessons on youtube. Mixed it up today with what I learned and how I play it. Also tried to sing it where the melody is. Usually, if I perform it live (rarely) I’ll do it an octave below where Paul sings it. Gotta def practice it more cause there’s a lot going on between the guitar and voice but if you focus on one you tend to lose the other. When I focus too much on what I’m doing with my right hand the melody goes out the window. Oh yeah, keep your feet going too hehe. and don’t rush it, which I did here


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