Yo Tambien soy un corrupto (17/365)

17/365 "Yo tambien soy un corrupto" is a song I wrote around 2009 as part of a song cycle about corruption in general and in politics. After a couple of trips to the DR I was disappointed that a lot of things never seemed to change or changed for the worse. But this song in particular is more about personal responsibility in allowing corruption to thrive and how maybe as individuals we contribute with our own little acts of corruption.

 I still remember how disgusted I felt with myself the first time I bribed a traffic cop in Santo Domingo (not exactly a bribe if you're shaken down for it). But eventually it became so automatic, to avoid hassles etc, that I became aware that I'd lost something along the way... anyway, that's part of what this song is about. Guitar through Boss Eq GE-7, Chorus CE-5 and Flanger BF-3 straight to the Mackie Onyx 820i and Vox through SM7b. Reverb from Boss RV-2 stompbox. Thanks for watching/listening.

 17/365 Yo tambien soy un corrupto - Leo Susana Here's a demo a made of the tune a few years ago


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