Leo Susana - J.L.S. (21/365)

When I wrote this song I wanted to pay tribute to AC/DC, one of my biggest influences. It's blues based in Bm. The first recording of it appeared on a live album from 1998, Patra 3 Ruinas de San Francisco. The studio version came out in 2000 on the album Serpiente en el Huerto.

I recorded with the LP straight to a little Peavey amp, the ValveKing Royal 8.. The sound's ok for rhythm but I found it needs a little bit extra that I just didn't get at the volume I had it on for the lead. Vocals a bit low, did a couple of takes and just couldn't quite get the balance right. But I liked how this turned out more or less. Enjoy!

21/365 JLS ( 2000 - Serpiente en el Huerto)


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