La quiero a morir (Francis Cabrel cover ) 12/365

12/365 Good morning all! Today I've recorded "La quiero a morir", a beautiful song by French singer Francis Cabrel. Originally released in French in 1979, "Je l'aime à mourir" was a big hit for him. He then released a Spanish version which I first heard as a merengue by Dominican singer Sergio Vargas in the mid 80's. I started to play it a few years ago usually in different keys depending on how my voice feels. Today I'm playing it in E although my first take was in D. The lows felt kind of weird so decided to push it a little. Once again I've recorded with just one mic, the MXL 990 and the Ibanez acoustic. Thanks for watching/listening. Tune in tomorrow for more music.

 12/365 Francis Cabrel - La quiero a morir

 Here's Sergio Vargas performing the song live on Tv merengue style.

Here's Francis Cabrel in Spanish

and the original in French


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