Hace Tiempo (Coque Malla cover) 14/365

14/365 Good day! Today I bring you "Hace Tiempo" a beautiful ranchera by Spanish singer/songwriter Coque Malla which first appeared as sort of a Country Waltz on his album 2009 La Hora de los Gigantes. I started playing it 3 or 4 years ago after watching Mujeres de Coque Malla where he does duets on 10 of his songs with different women. Wound up learning 2 more tunes from that set "Berlin", "Dejate Llevar" and I've been playing his biggest hit "No puedo vivir sin ti" for a while now. I usually play "Hace Tiempo" in A but decided to try it in B for this video and I kinda liked the result although listening closely I can hear that my voice wanted to go back to the other key. It felt fresh to try it in another key as I recorded.
Thanks for watching/listening.

14/365 Coque Malla - Hace Tiempo ( 2009 - La hora de los gigantes)

Here's the duet with Vilma



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