Every Rose has its Thorn (Poison cover ) 7/365

Poison's "Every Rose has its Thorn" is one of the first songs I started playing and singing at the same time, maybe late 88 when it came out or early 89 while living in Santo Domingo. It was technically a simple song to play since it was basically 4 chords. I've always like the song and Brett Michaels' vocals. The solo is really cool too.

Its one of those songs that I always used to play when hanging out with friends having a few drinks and exchanging song on guitar, at the beach etc. When I began playing live acoustic sets it was always one of the songs I played. Nowadays I rarely include it but just because I sometimes forget to include it on the setlist.  

For today's video I tried using 2 mics, the Shure SM7b and an MXL cardiod (uses phantom power) but had some trouble with the sync between audio and video. Recored different takes of the tune. This one bothered me less, I guess. Don't know if Photo Booth just can't handle audio coming from a mix board. Working on it, hehe.

The song is originally in Gb ( Poison tune down half a step, so they play a G on guitar for example but it sounds half a step down Gb/F#). For this recording I brought it down to D. It was always pretty high for me even in Gb.

Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn (from the 1988 album Open up and Say... Ahhh)


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