En la soledad (16/365)

 16/365 Howdy all, today It's electric! I'm playing "En la Soledad" a tune on my Serpiente en el Huerto album. Wrote it in 1998 and have been performing it live solo acoustic and in a band setting since. Tried it out a few times, this is actually the 3rd take (forgot to press phantom power on 2nd take on condenser so no vocals, just some guy making faces)

 I'm using a Les Paul through a Cry Baby Wah, Boss DynaDrive, Chorus and DD7 delay to Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 amp mic'ed up with the Shure SM7b. Vox is through the MXL 990 Condenser. Couldn't use any reverb on this one cause I need another adaptor. (I use the one on the pedal board and when using both sit real close to the Mackie.) Anyway, thanks for tuning in. Even though I'm a bit rusty on the electric, went a bit overboard improvising.
See you tomorrow.


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