Con la guardia abajo (Arcángel cover ) 11/365

11/365 Good morning! Today I bring you "Con la guardia abajo", a tune from Dominican rock band, Arcangel from 89/90 around there. They were contemporaneous with Toque Profundo while I was in that band. I've adapted the tune for my voice raising it to C minor but singing it an octave lower.
It's a beautiful, melancholic song about someone sitting in a bar and feeling like they have no control over their destiny and that in part they've let the better part of their fade.
The song I believe was written solely by my friend José Alejandro Bordas, a very talented songwriter and producer in Santo Domingo. Today I tried recording with just one mic, the MXL. (Tomorrow I'll do the same but with a different placement). I'm playing a Spanish guitar, an Admira Flamenco model, basically an inexpensive guitar for students. I bought it about 9 or 10 yrs ago when I took a few flamenco classes. (Hope to get back to that one day soon).

Thanks for listening/watching. Tune in tomorrow for another tune.

11/365 Con la guardia abajo - Arcangel


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