An Audioslave deep album cut - Getaway Car

The other day when I was finishing my post on Chris Cornell and making a list of some of my favorite songs that feature him I remembered how much I loved this track on the Audioslave album. It's next to last so technically it's a very deep album cut. Now for those who don't know, a deep album cut is a term most often used to reference track on an album that wasn't a single, never played on the radio, or maybe obscure as on a compilation or soundtrack, now widely known, perhaps even not a part of an artist's live set.

 So enjoy Getaway Car. To me it's a beautiful showcase of how sublime yet powerful a voice Chris possessed. The arrangement is sparse, quiet, moody.  I'd compare it to Like A Stone which I think is a beautiful song but I like Getaway Car more. In that vein, the track that precedes Getaway Car on the album is also a hidden gem with an awesome, juggernaut of a riff, Rage Against the Machine style.


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