I've been listening to a lot of metal lately. Ever since I went to see Ill Niño on April 23rd here in Zaragoza, it kind of got me back into the groove. Not that I need a lot of pushing and shoving to listen to metal. But when it comes to listening to new stuff, new bands, than I can be a bit slow. Recently, at a bar, a colleague of mine recommended Mastodon's Emperor of Sand, their latest. I'd heard of it but had not listened to it. It took me a couple of listens but I really got into it. And it's been nonstop from there. I'd heard the first single a few months back and also "discovered" a cool tune by a band that had been out on the road with Mastodon, this while setting up the twitter account for one of my projects, Jungle Law Syndrome. The tune is Lonely Lyle and the band is called Big Business.

 So back to Emperor of Sand. That album is full of epic sounds. Huge riffs, triumphant choruses. My fave tune at first was Clandestiny, but then I got really into Ancient Kingdoms because of that huge huge chorus.

 There's a cool making of on youtube where the band goes into details behind the songwriting for the album. I recommend it. Here's part I


 Enjoy! -LS Zgz 18/5/17


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