Working on a Dream, Beatles and Eagles

This week, December 1, 2014, I came back up to Fiscal in the Spanish Pyrenees,(where I currently spend a lot of days writing and recording) and brought with me a couple of albums, the complete Eagles Greatest Hits and Working on a Dream by Bruce Springsteen

I began writing a post on songs titled On Songs, which I´ll be featuring on my blog soon since it was mainly about the Beatles decided to skim through the dvd set Anthology which I´ve had up here for a few months. Wound up watching the whole all 10 or something hours of it, hooked. A lot of bits I didn´t really remember from the first time I watched in 2006 I believe it was. Wonderful. Just reinforced my love for the Beatles music, songwriting, perfoming abitilies, personal charisma,... inspirational, actually.

I´ve been watching a couple of live dvd´s of recent tours by the Eagles. Well, actually one is from 96 I think (don´t have it at hand right now) live in Melbourne and the other is Farewell 1 from 2003. There´s a brief documentary, well more like interview with the members. The Greatest Hits cd has been a treasure trove mainly because in the accompanying booklet Don Henley and Glenn Frey talk about the songwriting and delve into cool details about the songs.

Working on a Dream is actually a very good album. Recently I´ve been listening to a lot of Bruce, and I usually listen to his 95 Greatest Hits album from top to bottom and find myself repeating songs specially ¨This Hard Land¨a tune which I absolutely love, ever since I got that album when it came out. The funny thing about Working on a Dream, it has some songs which at first made me go ¨Huh?¨and then I was hooked on them. ¨Queen of the Supermarket¨is one of those. Anyway, I been listening to a CD in the apartment on a small portable radio I have there. Right now as I write this I´m at the small town library in Fiscal. It´s funny, because I began to play some tracks from Working on a Dream on Spotify and thought¨Man, this stream sounds like crap compared to the cd¨Just so compressed, everything. It´s why even though I stream music, I still put on cd´s or try to find a high quality stream on youtube or whatever. Spotify is cool, I really enjoy it and subscribe but I hope sound qualities in these services get better soon.

A standout track I´ve discovered this week: ¨The Last Resort¨ by The Eagles

by Leo Susana Dec. 6, 2014 Fiscal, Huesca


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