More than a few months ago, got up on stage at OASIS Club in Zaragoza for the 5th Anniversary concert honoring Guille Martin, a great guitar player whom I never met, but everyone speaks highly of him because he was a great human being. I accompanied Alexandra Neagu while she sang Hallelujah ( she also did Janis's Mercedes Benz). At the end of the night when everyone, well, I'll speak for myself, when I'd had quite a few, there was the jam with everyone on stage. I finally get close to the mic near the end, just some pure rock n roll fun. Great musicians from Zaragoza and all over Spain. One of my fave guitar players, Osvi Grecco who usually plays with Ariel Rot; The great Jaime Urrutia, Toni Jurado, Marcelo Champanier, Andy Chango, Jordi Vila, Ramón Arroyo, Esteban Hirschfeld, Juan Carlos Soto, Lucrecia Garx, Gonso Alonso, Yago Alonso, Patacho Recio, Clara Tellez, Cuti, Rafa .... a lot of people. This one is from a better angle and I show up right about the 1st minute of the video.


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