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Spotify is the most recent internet app that has captured my attention. I began paying a subscription to it recently after my alloted 14 travel days was used on my recent 2 month jaunt to New York. Lucky I had Spotify. It helped me get through a 24 hour snow in at Philadelphia International in late January. But I can't help but miss the days when having access to music was a cherished thing. Are we supposed to have it all at our fingertips? Who actually has the time to watch everything they want to watch or listen to all the music they like or have liked?
THat's why it must be amazing when a video goes viral on the web. Something has actually captured the collective conscience. Or maybe it's a fluke.
Nowadays with everyone on Facebook, or Twitter or whatever, who actually takes the time to read a blog. Facebook is addictive and I think what makes it so is how simple it is to use. Myspace on the other hand is this jumble of links, ads, and things screaming at you and coming from all sides that it just overloads you. I try to use myspace for band related things, but it's just too much work. I also try to use facebook for band related things. It's easier but when you look at the stats you wonder if too much time spent on this or that is actually a waste of time. As a musician, my time would probably be better served just playing guitar like I always have, or reading, or writing into a notebook or pad like 20 years ago. Or maybe use blogs and what have you, but for youself, and if someone reads, well, cool.
When you would write in a notebook a long time ago you weren't usually expecting to share it with anyone and most things you wrote, or composed or sang never found an audience except for the times you would stand in front of a mirror while playing air guitar.
So I guess social media is like that. Maybe you tweet cause you want to keep a thought for yourself or a link and know that a quick scan of your tweets will furnish it. But who really follows everything they "follow" on twitter?
And by the way, since everyone and anyone is on Facebook and Twitter doesn't it actually make people more interested in their own things.
Still, since 1997 or whenever it was that I began to use the internet, the site that I spend the most time on everyday is . That hasn't changed. I've always been an avid news reader and now I do it on the internet.
So, if as an artist you chop down a tree and no one sees you do it or hears it fall....


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