Sink or Swim

Sink or swim 3 - demo JLS by Leo Susana

In 2009 actually wrote some new songs for JLS. This is the demo of one of my favorites with Gigi Cano on drums and Marce Marco on bass.

Conformity's the only way
for people dying here today
they have no semblance of a life
there is no struggle, there's no strife
Just complain, don't know pain
like to scream, don't have dreams
you want a chance to join the dance
get your ass out on the floor

Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim

So you think that life is hard
and had it easy from the start
take a look out to the street
and see someone who could be me
who missed his train
missed his bus
shut it off, fucked it up
still out there getting knocked around
just to stubborn to stay down

Sink or swim
Sink or swim

All bets are off!
All bets are off!


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