Memories - a song

In 1991 I left the band I was in at the time, Toque Profundo, with a mission. I had wanted to go to Berklee and study Film Scoring. At the time I was very much fascinated with writing songs for film and musicals etc. I was actually writing a lot in 91, studying piano, I tended to write a lot on it which would give me a different feel for song structure although not straying too far from your basic formulas and favorite keys of G, A minor/C, E which are really guitar friendly.
This song here titled Memories was that type of song. I would imagine a situation and start writing. I first wrote it in C on the piano and of course it was too high for my limited vocal range. Although I used to sing in my lower register I sometimes found it difficult to project. But listening to recordings, I actually like my voice better in lower registers than I do when I go for broke. Even if I can hit the note I don't like the quality of it when it's in my upper regiter, and I think it shows, cause I don't hide it very well.
Anyway, here is a demo of the song Memories. It's a vocal / acoustic guitar rendition meant more to shop the song around as this is the type of material which I can write but don't necessarily perform. Enjoy!

MEMORIES by Leo Susana


Josefina said…
I like this song a lot. Glad I stumbled upon your new blog. Hope you're doing great. xoxo

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