Songs.... and more songs

I am currently doing something I've never done... organizing my song lyrics. I've always kept an assorted array of notebooks, loose sheets, scraps of paper with original lyrics, songs from my records, songs I've never demoed, played live or recorded.
The idea is to print them all out, put them in some sort of logical order, maybe separate JLS lyrics from everything else, organize a binder with songs that could maybe interest other artists.

I've written a lot of songs, some that don't stand the test of time, but I'm finding that lately I've been performing in my solo acoustic shows, songs that I wrote when I was 20, 21 and that I had pretty much discarded, or didn't feel comfortable playing.

I realize that maybe I've let some good songs slip through the cracks. Of course now that I'm going to turn 42 it feels a bit awkward to sing some of those lyrics, maybe because some are a bit cheesy or they make me feel naked.

In the next few months I'll be recording new songs and putting them up on iTunes, spotify etc with a select few on myspace or even here on this blog.

The great thing about doing things for yourself with no time table, no label, is that you can pretty much record whatever you want, whenever you want, and release it as you see fit. If there's an audience out there for it, hopefully the song will find it.


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