Writer's block ?

Is it real? I don't know, but lately I can't get around to writing a song, even though I'm surrounded by witty phrases, ... inpiring thoughts, crazy situations... nothing seems to evolve into a tune. I sit down, guitar in hand and start strumming the usual chords or going through a riff, and suddenly I start playing a Dylan tune or whatever. In essence, avoiding writing a tune.
But I have a lot of tunes that maybe with a little tweaking could work. Old songs, from the late 80's and some early 90's that have never seen the light of day. Well, I've demoed a lot of them but just don't feel comfortable with a certain lyric, or chord change. In other words, they need work. Maybe I should sit down and work on them. That may be the key to the door of my so called "writer's block". Maybe, just maybe, it's laziness.


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