what's going on...

Gotta get back into the groove, writing I mean... It should be a daily thing.
Mostly I read... a lot. I seem to have an addiction to the Nytimes ( since I first got on the web back in 97, it's the only page I visit everyday, more than my email)
and lately I can't seem to stop checking out the Huffington Post and wherever they may lead with their links and connection to other sites. Blame it on Obama . Before the election I didn't care much for these blogs, I would listen to or watch stuff on msnbc (website, I live in Spain), but not care at all for something like the Huff until I began to realize they really condensed things well and led you to some great stories you might otherwise miss. Plus the comedy roundup, some entertainment news( sometimes bordering on gossip, which I don't care too much for )
anyway... I read and then always get my own thoughts about what I just read but don't write them down because I move on to the next article or whatever. I think to myself I'll write it later, and of course by the time I decide to write anything down... well, hmmm look it here... I forgot what I was going to say.



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