Getting organized

The hardest part about getting organized some will say, is throwing out stuff you know you don't need but hold onto anyway.
But getting organized is also applying your time wisely to things that you are going to take advantage of during the day. In my case, practicing guitar, learning or memorizing new tunes, and going through my guitar parts for upcoming shows. Lyrics are sometimes stubborn and with my tendency to play without a set list, I waste time on stage. So knowing what songs you know ( yes, sometimes I don't remember what songs I know ) is a time saver. Maybe I should make a set list and deviate from it if necessary but have it in front of me so that I know what I had in mind more or less for a certain show.

Getting organized is finding the moment to work, to take a nap, to surf the web, to go out... to make the phone calls that have to be made, to work, to play... it's all part of getting organized. and so is just letting loose and forgetting it all,... for a little while


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