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Making noise on a tuesday afternoon

Trying to find a look for some videos I want to post playing and teaching how to play some of my tunes and solos from my career. This is just a video improvising, basically, in A minor and doing some tap harmonics. I'll be posting tips and lessons on my riffs pretty soon. If you're interested in any particular song please let me know.

En este video improviso en La menor ( Am ) y hago algunos harmonicos. Estoy haciendo pruebas de sonido e imagen, buscando el formato ideal para lecciones y consejos sobre como tocar algunos temas y solos de toda mi carrera musical. Si tienen alguna peticion especial, por favor dejenme saber. Saludos!

Memories - a song

In 1991 I left the band I was in at the time, Toque Profundo, with a mission. I had wanted to go to Berklee and study Film Scoring. At the time I was very much fascinated with writing songs for film and musicals etc. I was actually writing a lot in 91, studying piano, I tended to write a lot on it which would give me a different feel for song structure although not straying too far from your basic formulas and favorite keys of G, A minor/C, E which are really guitar friendly.
This song here titled Memories was that type of song. I would imagine a situation and start writing. I first wrote it in C on the piano and of course it was too high for my limited vocal range. Although I used to sing in my lower register I sometimes found it difficult to project. But listening to recordings, I actually like my voice better in lower registers than I do when I go for broke. Even if I can hit the note I don't like the quality of it when it's in my upper regiter, and I think it shows, cause …

Sink or Swim

Sink or swim 3 - demo JLS by Leo Susana

In 2009 actually wrote some new songs for JLS. This is the demo of one of my favorites with Gigi Cano on drums and Marce Marco on bass.

Conformity's the only way
for people dying here today
they have no semblance of a life
there is no struggle, there's no strife
Just complain, don't know pain
like to scream, don't have dreams
you want a chance to join the dance
get your ass out on the floor

Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim

So you think that life is hard
and had it easy from the start
take a look out to the street
and see someone who could be me
who missed his train
missed his bus
shut it off, fucked it up
still out there getting knocked around
just to stubborn to stay down

Sink or swim
Sink or swim

All bets are off!
All bets are off!

Un Colchon y una Sandwichera v1 - Leo Susana y sus Fulanas

This is a video I shot and edited for my band Leo Susana y sus Fulanas. The song is titled "Un colchon y una sandwichera", literally " a mattress and a sandwich maker". This is the 1st version which includes the whole band fooling around for the camera. The second edit which is coming soon centers mainly around the main character, Z, played by Pedro Zapater who wrote this track, plays guitar and sings lead on some of our songs, including this one.

view from my kitchen window

view from my kitchen window, originally uploaded by Leo el Feo. There are nights when the moon looks amazing from my kitchen window. I was trying to get a good shot last february but didn't find the right exposure time and the lights from the foreground would eat it up. Next month I'll try again. I missed a chance at march's "Supermoon".

Blues in E - Leo Susana

I wrote this song a couple of years ago after watching a Buddy Guy instructional video. Recently, and by recently I mean the past 4 or 5 years, I've been leaning a lot towards playing more bluesy stuff, although even with my metal band, JLS, I've tended to riff in a blues rock style, inevitable given that my main influences as a guitar player all descend from the blues ( That would be Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin etc ).
Now, this song originally had no title, I would just call it Blues in E, but as is traditional with certain things, I've now started using the first line of the song as it's title. "You Know I lost my woman"
The lyrics of the song are pretty basic.

You know I lost my woman
yeah she went and died
you know I lost my woman
yeah she went and died
It took me a while, I ain't over her
but I will survive

You know I've been runnin'
I've been runnin' such a long, long time
you know I've been runnin'
I've been runnin'…

Pink Floyd Final Cut (5) - The Hero's Return

Have been listening to The Final Cut all day. Hadn't listened to it in a couple of years but for the past couple of days have felt the urge. It is, by the way, one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums from top to bottom. Still sounds great today!