Perla Negra (Yordano cover) 13/365

13/365 Good day! Today I bring you “Perla Negra” a song originally written and performed by Italian-Venezuelan singer/songwriter Yordano on his 1986 album Jugando Conmigo. ( This song was also popularised by merengue artist Sergio Vargas). It’s a melancholic tale about the oldest profession with lines like “The bed still warm, who knows how many there are” “I know there were no flowers or goodbye kisses, just a black pearl that slid down her cheek and ended up on the pillow”.

For today’s recording I raised the mic and inverted it, and played standing. I’m also using a metal thumb pick. Thanks for listening and watching. Tune in tomorrow for more music.

 13/365 Yordano - Perla Negra

Here's the original.

Sergio Vargas merengue version on Dominican tv.

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