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Sand in time

It is only but one drop of water
as I am just but one grain of sand
a whisper to the wind
a shadow to the moon

I am but one grain of sand
and the desert is life
as the river is time
and my happiness is light

and this is an improvisation
a work in progress
let's see what comes of it

Moon over Los Sitios

Moon over Los Sitios, originally uploaded by Leo el Feo. I was trying to capture the moon over Plaza Los Sitios in the center of Zaragoza and got this blurry shot. I then took a shot that was sharper but for some reason I prefer this one. I like the colors and the composition of it, although undefined there's a certain harmony to all the elements, the officer walking towards the camaras, the fountain at the very end of the street in the middle of the plaza, the moon hovering above the monuments, the parked cars on both sides and the trees leading you down the street. It's almost an impressionist's take of a moonlit night.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday, originally uploaded by Leo el Feo. Processions started this sunday in Zaragoza, the city in Spain where I currently reside. A great chance to take pictures. I'll have a couple more for the blog in the next few days. Enjoy!

Social Media, Spotify, Making music, finding an audience

Spotify is the most recent internet app that has captured my attention. I began paying a subscription to it recently after my alloted 14 travel days was used on my recent 2 month jaunt to New York. Lucky I had Spotify. It helped me get through a 24 hour snow in at Philadelphia International in late January. But I can't help but miss the days when having access to music was a cherished thing. Are we supposed to have it all at our fingertips? Who actually has the time to watch everything they want to watch or listen to all the music they like or have liked?
THat's why it must be amazing when a video goes viral on the web. Something has actually captured the collective conscience. Or maybe it's a fluke.
Nowadays with everyone on Facebook, or Twitter or whatever, who actually takes the time to read a blog. Facebook is addictive and I think what makes it so is how simple it is to use. Myspace on the other hand is this jumble of links, ads, and things screaming at you and comin…