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Robert Capa - The Falling Soldier

A couple of links to interesting articles on photography, one about the famous Robert Capa picture of a soldier killed during the Spanish Civil War and the controversy over it's authenticity, and another about famous photo fakery. Check 'em out.

What am I up to ?

Apart from going around Spain with Huecco, I'm working on new tunes for Jodio Loco Sucio and for Las Fulanas.

Almost every monday night you can find me playing at the Penguin Row pub in Zaragoza. It's a sort of workshop where I try out different arrangements of tunes I like by other artists as well as play new and old songs I've written but never showcased.
I plan to do themed nights starting september, where every week I'll dedicate a set to a particular style of music, composer or artist.... that way every monday will be a fresh experience.

Los Lunes al Row - todos los lunes 22.30h Penguin Row, Goya 68, Zaragoza

Writer's block ?

Is it real? I don't know, but lately I can't get around to writing a song, even though I'm surrounded by witty phrases, ... inpiring thoughts, crazy situations... nothing seems to evolve into a tune. I sit down, guitar in hand and start strumming the usual chords or going through a riff, and suddenly I start playing a Dylan tune or whatever. In essence, avoiding writing a tune.
But I have a lot of tunes that maybe with a little tweaking could work. Old songs, from the late 80's and some early 90's that have never seen the light of day. Well, I've demoed a lot of them but just don't feel comfortable with a certain lyric, or chord change. In other words, they need work. Maybe I should sit down and work on them. That may be the key to the door of my so called "writer's block". Maybe, just maybe, it's laziness.