Last week I began a detox diet. It's sort of a "master cleanse". Javi, one of my flatmates, got it off the internet. In spanish it's "La dieta de savia de arce". It's Maple syrup in a very pure state, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon, with water. We drank this brew for over a week. Still got a couple of days left, but tomorrow I get to start eating some fruits and salads.
I must say that I feel better. I've stopped drinking coffee, alcohol and indulging in occasional nicotine binges. The first few days without caffeine hurt like crazy but I overcame them.

On saturday I have a concert with my band JLS. It will also be the first day I have a full meal. I've decided to cut meat and dairy products for a while ( because I can't say forever).
On monday, I will start running again. Need to get in shape and help my back get strong, so the aches don't come back as agressively as they sometimes do.


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