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POLO & LEO - The Trooper acoustic (Iron Maiden cover)

Back in march my buddy Polo and I played a show at a local Zaragoza pub full of our original tunes and covers we love. Unfortunately we did not record the first set, but that still left us with over two hours of the second set. At the 24:22 mark you can hear us playing Iron Maidenś The Trooper.

Apart from our songs these are some of the covers we played.

Spanish Bombs;Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash

Seek and Destroy; Fade to Black - Metallica

Sweet Child of Mine - Guns n Roses

I got a Name - Jim Croce

Perfect Day - Lou Reed

Whisky in the Jar - Thin Lizzy/Metallica

Crazy Train - Ozzy

and others...

Check out the time links in the videos for direct access to songs.

We'll be back on stage on August 1st at the Sala Creedence in Zaragoza.

ON SONGS Bee Gees - Nights on Broadway

I've been a big fan of the Bee Gees and of Barry Gibb's songwriting since I was a kid listening to AM radio growing up in NYC. I was enamored of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and remember even taking my lp to school (P.S. 152 in uptown Manhattan) to show it to my friends. But there is so much depth to the Bee Gees catalog and I, by no means have really dug into it. Nevertheless, I have a favorite Bee Gees song that predates the Fever soundtrack.  "Nights on Broadway" is an amazing song from it's arrangement, the harmonies, the hooks. It starts with that great funky drum intro and what appears to be a synth bass before the vocals come in building up to that glorious chorus.  This is the tune that Jimmy Fallon parodied for his intro to the Barry Gibb Show sketch on SNL. 
Check it out!

Leo Guitar - Latin/African Style Guitar (video 1)

An approach to playing triads over a G C D progression in a Latin/African type style.

Leo Guitar- Using triads over D Pedal

Here´s one from a series of videos I´ll be posting on my approach to guitar playing. In this example I play triads over the open D string (a la Pete Townshend from The Who).