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Working on new ideas

It's been almost 2 years now since I decided to go to NY and make an acoustic album. The result, The Opposite of Now,  ( which you can stream via Spotify on the right ) took a while to come out and it actually was a lot more hardship than I expected or needed when I embarked on the project, after all, it was a mere acoustic album of songs that in some cases I had been playing live for years.
But shit happens. And in this case, lots of shit happened that went a bit beyond my control. It's what happens when you do something in NY but actually live in Spain and leave the work behind for others to finish.
By the time the record came out I had already been moving on, at least in my mind, to other things.

Now I'm working on a second acoustic album, this one will probably be all in spanish as a counter balance to Opposite which is all in English. My set list on any given night includes plenty of songs in both languages, covers and originals. So that's where I currently, select…