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Soundcheck in Navarra, Spain

Checking sound for a Huecco concert at the Sala Luyber in San Adrian, Navarra, Spain with the Gibson Holy Explorer, another of the guitars Gibson España has loaned us for our tours.

The Rolling Stones

Here's a band that has always been in my life so to speak. The "Miss You" 12-inch got played on the family turntable a lot, "Start Me Up" fascinated me and it's similarity to Van Halen's "Unchained" which actually wasn't that similar... except for those opening guitar chords... "She Was Hot", loved the video, loved Mick's attitude. The songs were there, the hits, those tunes that seem to be everywhere. I don't think I ever considered them good, though. In 1999 I ordered Exile on Main St. from Amazon along with Fiona Apple's When the Pawn, and something else I don't remember right now. I had decided to see what the BIG DEAL was about Exile. I hated it at first listen. It wasn't like when I bought London Calling and was blown away by the amount of great songs. But I kept listening, on my bus ride between Washington DC and New York. 4 hours to let an album seep in. Long rides of any kind are still my favorite way…