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The past few days 1

I've been going to sleep later and later everyday since I'm currently in Zaragoza and willbe traveling to Texas next week to do a few shows with Huecco, the artist from Madrid I currently play guitar for. Last night went to bed almost at 8am. Of course, that means I woke up at around 5 in the afternoon. Guess I was tired.

Yesterday played an interesting set at The Penguin Row, the pub I play in every monday night. Did a mash up of a couple of my songs with Silvio, AC/Dc, Sabina, Pablo Milanes, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears,.... considering I broke the top E string in the first song, I kinda of stretched. Had left spare strings in a backpack back home so was playing as gentle as I could so as not to pop another.

OSCARS - Watched on Canal + . I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were great. Jeff Bridges speech was a little long but heartfelt. Sandra Bullock was cool on stage althought I think she really thought she didn't deserve it. Can't really comment on that cause I…