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La cita es el 22 de enero en la DALUXE, Plaza del PIlar 12 Zaragoza


I am 41 years old, male, american born and raised in NY of dominican parents. My mother was born in the Dominican Republic from Lebanese parents. I've been traveling since I was 4. When I was 18 I moved to my parents homeland, Santo Domingo. I would frequently travel between Santo Domingo and Miami or NYC. Dominican authorities would always give me a hard time getting out of the country, just because they do that because of all the people that try to leave ilegally and because I didn't have a resident card from there. But getting into the US was basically just showing your passport.

I now live in Europe, in Spain. I travel between european capitals and don't really get any hassles but when I'm traveling to the US there's always an extra check, or the shoe thing.

I last traveled this past december 28th out of Philadelphia to Madrid and I set off some alarm or something after they rubbed my hands and checked for explosive residue which meant I got an extra pat down, a…