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I've posted some new writing on La Onda Fatal and put up some new pictures in my flickr.
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He subido nuevos escritos a La Onda Fatal y nuevas fotos a mi Flickr.
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Last week I began a detox diet. It's sort of a "master cleanse". Javi, one of my flatmates, got it off the internet. In spanish it's "La dieta de savia de arce". It's Maple syrup in a very pure state, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon, with water. We drank this brew for over a week. Still got a couple of days left, but tomorrow I get to start eating some fruits and salads.
I must say that I feel better. I've stopped drinking coffee, alcohol and indulging in occasional nicotine binges. The first few days without caffeine hurt like crazy but I overcame them.

On saturday I have a concert with my band JLS. It will also be the first day I have a full meal. I've decided to cut meat and dairy products for a while ( because I can't say forever).
On monday, I will start running again. Need to get in shape and help my back get strong, so the aches don't come back as agressively as they sometimes do.

Jodio Loco Sucio 20 de enero

Jodio Loco Sucio 20 de enero
Originally uploaded by Leo el Feo. JLS en concierto en Zaragoza.
Sala Ozono
Sabado 20 de enero 22:30h

Leo Susana - Guitarra y Voz
Marce Marco - Bajo
Gigi Cano - Drums


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