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American Reich - Jungle Law Syndrome OUT TODAY!

Jungle Law Syndrome is a solo project I'm working on. The first album will be AMERICAN REICH VOL I : RISE. The title track is out today on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc.
American Reich started out as a novel I was working on in 2013/14/15 .  I did a lot of research, wrote a couple of chapters but couldn't find a convincing, plausible way to tell the fictional story I wanted to tell about America's hard-right shift. Who knew that all it would take was Trump. I certainly didn't think DJT would inspire the right as much as he did. One of the times he thought about throwing his hat in, in the late 90's, I was all for it. In 2015 I saw him as a less articulate Pat Buchanan, who I liked to watch and read sometimes. Once I gave up on the idea of a novel I thought well maybe I can make an album or a few albums out of this. Once the election was over and all sorts of things started to happen, be said, people crawling out of the woodworks etc, I thought it'd be g…

Machine Gun Camera

Machine Gun Camera is a tune I wrote a couple of years ago while in Fiscal, Huesca up in the Pyrenees, writing and recording tunes. It took me a while to get somewhere with the arrangement. Not exactly where I wanted it to be but I like the result. Enjoy!