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(ON SONGS) Ricky Martin - Vuelve

Bass slides, odd time changes, verses cut short, tight and amazing background vocals, Ricky Martin's Vuelve, written by Franco de Vita, produced by KC Porter and Robi Rosa, is a track full of ear candy.

Anyone who knows me personally is aware of how much of a music fan I am and how fond I am of great songs and great arrangements. I start this post stating that because if you just know me from my hard rock work it might be surprising to see me writing a post about a spanish ballad by Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin.
VUELVE, the title track from RM's 4th album was written by Venezuelan pop star singer/songwriter Franco de Vita who is known for infectious hits such as Louis, Te Amo, Solo importas tu, Un buen perdedor etc. I can only imagine what his original song must have sounded like. Well here's Franco doing a bit of the song live so we don't have to imagine much. The phrasing is different, the feel and flow....

 In the hands of Robi Rosa ( like Ricky, a former mem…